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Dexter + Ann Arbor Baby Photographer

We have a lot of experience working with little ones, and can adapt your portrait session to your child's temperament. Please don't stress out if your child seems too "active," or if they aren't exactly good at sitting still.

Also, it's never too early to learn more about planning your newborn portrait session, even if you're still expecting, so please contact the studio today. I'll answer any questions you have, and help you feel comfortable as we begin the process of creating portraits of your little one.

Newborn Portraits

Please note that we prefer to schedule newborn sessions during your child's first week of life, when possible. This is the best time to capture those adorable sleeping baby portraits, as your child will become more mobile, active, and sleep less frequently in later weeks.

We recommend having newborns visit our studio for their session, as it is warm, cozy, and climate-controlled. We are willing to plan baby portraits on location; though older babies are more acclimated and able to focus during an outdoor portrait session.

Still Expecting?

If you are still expecting, we will tentatively schedule your session based on your due date, with the understanding that you get priority "re-scheduling" once baby actually arrives.

Baby's First Year

What better way to capture all the changes and personality cuteness of your child than to sign up for our Baby's First Year plan? This is a very popular session choice, and it includes a number of sessions throughout your child's first year. Here's a highlights video from one of our little clients:

Contact me to schedule your baby portrait session, or set up a consultation to learn more about how we do things here at Betsy's Photography.