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Copyright + Image Disclosure

All the images and text created by Betsy Finn + Betsy's Photography are copyrighted. Please read on for our website copyright notice, image disclosure, and the US copyright act (+resource links).

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise noted, the content of this site (both text and image) is copyright Betsy's Photography, LLC. All Rights Reserved, and protected under U.S. Copyright law.

For more information about the Copyright Act, making copies, and locating a copyright owner, scroll down to the appropriate section.

Regarding Images on This Site

Betsy's Photography realizes the importance of showing you the quality of our real work. To that end, you will see portraits of real clients on this site. The portraits you see on this site are a fair and accurate representation of what you will get when you hire Betsy's Photography.

Betsy's Photography may occasionally feature images that are created by someone else. These images are used with permission and photo credits are given. Examples include:

  • Betsy’s professional portrait, created by another photographer
  • Images shared by a guest blogger
  • Stock images used on a blog post, with proper attribution (e.g. “Photo from Used with permission.”)

What is the Copyright Act?

The Copyright Act protects photographers and artists. It gives the author exclusive rights for reproduction, including the right to control the making of copies. It is illegal to copy, scan or reproduce, say, a photograph, without permission.

Can I make copies of your work, or take pictures of them with my phone?

No, unless you have contacted the studio and have obtained written permission. We generally do not allow copies to be created out of our control. Additionally, if you visit a local retailer to copy (legally or illegally) professionally created photographs, there is a good chance you will be stopped unless you have written permission from the copyright owner. That being said, we generally try to accommodate all reasonable requests. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us so that we may have the opportunity to serve you better.

Will you make prints of images created by another photographer?

Betsy’s Photography respects the copyrights of others: We do not work with images created by other photographers unless you have an appropriate copyright release form or written permission. Additionally, we may decline the opportunity to work with images from another photographer, even if written permission is provided.

How does illegal copying affect everyone?

We are denied the ability to present our work at an approved level of quality. Our clients suffer from owning inferior pieces of photographic art (made from copies). It could also necessitate higher fees, forcing you to suffer in the long run.

Where can I find out more?

We’re glad you want to learn more about Copyright! Some resources you may find helpful include Copyright Basics (from the U.S. Copyright Office), and Copyright Alliance. There are even a couple websites for kids (it’s ok we won’t tell if you check them out too): Copyright For Kids (interactive site), and Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright.

Do you have any suggestions for locating a copyright owner?

If you need help finding a photographer, you can also call the Professional Photographers of America’s Service Center at 800-786-6277 for help in locating a professional photographer.