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Baby Portraits

Boy on Rocking Horse (Ann Arbor Baby Photographer)

One of the best parts of my job is getting to see my littlest clients grow up. When they come back to the studio, it’s always so amazing how much they’ve grown!

Like many little boys, P. loves cars. So when his mom told me he was super interested in anything that has wheels, I made sure to hand him a cute wooden car right away. No better way to help a kid relax and get excited about letting me take their portrait!

I think P. smiled most of the way through his first year portrait sessions. But he was so excited to ride the rocking horse! This lovely wooden rocking horse helped keep this active boy in one place for a few minutes so we could capture some adorable baby portraits.

Side Note: Let me tell you — if you’re worried about planning a portrait session for your child because he or she just doesn’t behave in front of the camera — don’t worry.

That’s my job — leave the magic to me. I feel a little silly telling you this, but I’ve been called a baby whisperer by clients who were sure the photo session would be a bust. So don’t stress out. After all, that’s why you’re trusting me with your memories, with creating portraits of your loved ones. Relax, and let me do my thing.

Location: Betsy's Photography, Dexter, MI.