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Dexter Ann Arbor Headshot + Branding Photography

Sometimes it's helpful to see a series of images from a given photoshoot. Maybe you're looking for ideas when planning your own? If that's the case, contact the studio so we can help jumpstart the planning process -- we are happy to answer questions and explain how things work.

Featured Headshot + Branding Sessions

  • Bethany of Top Drawer was featured in The Brick Magazine, a local publication here in Ann Arbor. We photographed her for the magazine feature, but these images would be great for display elsewhere too. View Business Owner branding Photoshoot.
  • Payton is a local artist; we created some portraits of her in her art studio, as well as some branding photos for her website and online presence. View artist branding photoshoot.
  • Sarah owns a local barbershop here in Dexter, and recently moved into her new space. View barbershop branding photoshoot.
  • Michael runs a law firm, and has come to us several times over the years for headshots and photos of his employees as the staff changes. View legal firm photoshoot.
  • Christa has a pilates studio, and so we planned a branding photoshoot that incorporated her brand colors, showcased her pilates studio space, and also featured a "student" so potential students could get a feel for how a class might work. View pilates studio branding photoshoot.

The image below shows a before and after of green screen. Learn more about planning a green screen photoshoot here.

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