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Baby Portraits

Newborn Portraits Baby with Pearls

My client had the cutest outfits planned for Yara’s newborn portrait session. The only problem? Yara, who was wide-eyed and cheerful at the beginning of her portrait session, just could not stay awake by the end! No matter how much you plan, this sometimes happens… so we made some adjustments in our plans and instead of creating newborn portraits of a wide-eyed baby girl, we created some adorable sleeping newborn portraits at the end of her newborn session. Not what mom had planned, but sweet nonetheless.

If you have a newborn, or are expecting soon, please contact me to learn more about our Baby’s First Year plan! It’s a great alternative to a single portrait session, and you will love how easy your portrait experience is! I’ve worked with babies of many temperaments, and it’s always fun to help bring out their personalities so you will end up with adorable portraits like these ones of Yara.

Location: Betsy's Photography, Dexter, MI.