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Dexter + Ann Arbor Kid Portrait Photographer

Your portrait session will be based on the personalities and temperaments of your loved ones -- so you can be confident your portrait experience, and your portraits will be authentic.

So, let's work together to create a game plan for your session so that you get the portraits you will treasure once your kids are grown!

A Note of Reassurance

Before your portrait session, we'll chat about your child(ren), their disposition, things they like, and other details that will help ensure a successful kid portrait session.

Please don't stress out if your child seems too "active," or if they aren't exactly good at sitting still. I've been called a baby whisperer by my clients, so we've got that going for us. Plus, being a mom myself, I knows how to bring out the best in kids, and encourage cooperation in a cheerful way!

Featured Child Portrait Session

It can be difficult to tell from a photographer's portfolio what an entire child portrait session might look like. Well, not to worry! Here are two video slideshows featuring images from sessions we've done. We will tailor your portrait experience to fit your vision, style, and interests, while ensuring your child is comfortable and relaxed. Portrait sessions are meant to be fun! Check out these videos below:

Contact me to schedule your baby portrait session, or set up a consultation to learn more about how we do things here at Betsy's Photography.