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Portrait Albums

When you love all the pictures from your portrait session, it's time to design an album so you can have a way to showcase them!

Some of our clients prefer documenting their memories with albums instead of all portraits. If you're short on wall space, this is a great option to consider.

We offer two styles of portrait albums, both of which are elegant and visually pleasing.

  • Mounted Albums
  • Coffeetable Albums

In this image, you can see the coffeetable album sitting on top of the mounted album, for a page thickness comparison. Note that both covers are roughly the same thickness.

Mounted Portrait Albums

Our mounted albums are created from actual photographic prints, mounted on a thick page -- these albums have class and weight. The cover can be a custom photographic cover design, or you can select from a variety of luxurious leather options or custom photographic cover designs.

This is one of our 12x12 mounted albums, featuring a custom-designed leather album.

Coffeetable Portrait Albums

Our coffeetable albums are slimline with high quality yet thin magazine-style pages. The cover is also a custom photographic cover design.

Some of our more popular album sizes are 10x10 and 5x5 coffeetable albums.

These 5x5 coffeetable albums are great gifts for grandparents!

Featured Albums

Senior Portrait Albums

Luke's session took place at two locations in Ann Arbor - the Arb and Kerrytown. I designed this album to highlight my client's favorite portraits from his session. Take a peek!

Areonna's session also took place in Ann Arbor, but with a very different feel. My clients loved the urban gritty feel of Graffiti Alley, so her session took place there and at Nickel's Arcade. This is the album we created!

Baby's First Year Album

Some of our clients plan multiple sessions with us to capture their child's development over the first months. My clients had me design this album to highlight their child's growth over her first year.

Commission a Portrait Album

If you have questions about a specific photographic product or have a custom request, please contact the studio. We'd love to hear from you if you're ready to start planning your own custom portrait album!

We can design your album for you, or we can design it together at the studio!