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Senior Grad Cards

Senior Graduation Announcement Cards

We create personalized senior graduation announcement cards, or graduation party invitations, for many of our senior portrait clients. It's always fun to help create these, and we have a great variety of designs you can use as a starting point for your own senior graduation announcement cards.

If you have questions about the announcement card design process, please read on, as we've covered some frequently asked questions.

Do people send senior graduation announcement cards anymore?

Yes! And they're a lot more personalized than the old-fashioned ones! True, not everyone sends cards out, but many of my clients have discovered that these cards are really nice to send out to family members, good family friends, and other people who want to celebrate with you.

Pssst…. seniors, I’m going to let you in on a secret. And parents, feel free to use this next point when having the “can we send out graduation announcement cards” discussion with your kid.

If your parents invite their grown-up friends to your graduation party, chances are good that these people care about you. And these people often congratulate new graduates ….with a congratulations card… often with a monetary gift.

Will you design my senior announcements for me?

Over the years, I’ve helped many of my high school senior clients get prepared for their parties — what role do I play? I assist you from the sidelines. Help you get one more thing checked off your to do list.

I love to create custom designed senior graduation announcements and even senior graduation party invitations! Sometimes the two are rolled into one, depending on my client.

I have a number of design options for you to choose from, and you can opt to keep the text as is, or customize it to your heart’s content. Senior graduation announcement cards are available in sets of 24, and come with envelopes included.

If you want to learn more about this time saving service, please contact the studio today!

How do I get my senior graduation announcements designed for me?

In order for me to design your senior graduation announcements, It's a simple process requiring just a few decisions from you.

  1. First, you’ll get to choose the photos that you want on the cards.
  2. I’ll help you select a design that works with your favorite portraits.
  3. You tell me the details for your graduation party — date, time, place, etc — so that I can put that information on your announcement card.
  4. Then I design your cardand send you a digital preview/proof for approval.
  5. Once you give final approval, your senior grad announcements are off to the printer!

What details should I put on my senior graduation announcements?

These days, anything goes. Here are some options to consider:

  • Include where you will be going to school in the fall, along with contact information (like phone, email info).
  • Details for your school’s official cap and gown ceremony (this is usually done in lieu of the next option).
  • Details for the graduation party your parents are hosting for you (date, time, place).
  • Some people keep it simple and just include their name, and their graduation year (i.e. Jane Smith, Class of 2018).

This whole process of getting senior graduation announcements will take you less time than it took me to write the text for this page. We could have been sitting down with and completely designed your senior graduation announcement cards …and you could have even approved the digital preview.

But my point is this — let me help make your life easier. Let me design your senior graduation announcement cards so you have one less thing to do.

It will make your life easier, I promise. Contact the studio today.