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Backyard Senior Photoshoot

Backyard Senior Photoshoot in Pinckney

Gabriel is a Class of 2021 Dexter High School senior, and since the schools are working asynchronously on Wednesdays, I came out to their house that morning while he was between online meetings etc. to do his senior portrait session. Convenient, huh?

I have to admit, the weather forecast was a little ominous the day before, but as per my usual, I touched base with my client several times leading up to the session before we made the final call to go ahead.

Sometimes it's a little tricky to explain what I do when working around the weather, so I thought I would share a before/after type image along with these highlights to explain why I always bring my studio lighting with me on location. It adds a splash of warmth, brings the fall colors to life, and, to paraphrase Gabriel's mom, just "makes the portraits seem cheerier."


Image Descriptions: There are 11 images in this set, featuring a high school senior outdoors with fall colors. Some of the portraits have vibrant yellows and oranges in the background, while others have pine trees and dark gray clouds. Gabriel is wearing a faded denim jacked over a yellow and black hooded sweatshirt in some of the portraits, followed by some portraits with just the sweatshirt (which complements the fall colors really well), and finally, in a blue button up dress shirt. One of the images is a "comparison" snapshot showing what the portraits would have looked like if I hadn't been using my studio lighting, right alongside for easy comparison.