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Burns Park (Ann Arbor) Senior Pictures With Car + Dog

I’m so grateful Ann Arbor has plenty of old growth trees, because even though it was rainy we stayed relatively dry! Why didn't we reschedule, you might wonder? Genna’s dog, Roy, is the reason we made this senior portrait session happen during the rain — scheduling can be tough when you have to arrange for a service dog-in-training to come along too.

Like any young dog (and maybe Labrador Retrievers in general), Roy was full of energy and excited …but willing to be around my camera equipment. He had fun playing a bit with Genna while we got him in position for the real senior portraits. Yes, it takes a little more effort to add a puppy into the mix, but I’m up for the challenge. If your dog can sit and is interested in treats, we should be able to create some nice portraits of you with your dog!

Right from the beginning when we planned Genna’s session, we knew there would be something involving her dad's teal Mustang and the trees at Burns Park in Ann Arbor. Genna’s mom pulled the car into place while Genna changed outfits, and we ended up with this really neat series of senior portraits. I always try to do a mix of serious and smiling expressions, because you never know what is going to be your favorite for a given image.

I really can’t say which portrait of Genna in this memory panel is my favorite. She had a lot of great ideas for her senior portraits and we did our best to work all of them into her session. While I’m happy to take charge and give suggestions or directions to my clients, I also love it when my clients take an active role in planning their session, like Genna did!

Location: Burns Park, Ann Arbor, MI.