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Senior Portraits

Outdoor Soccer Senior Portraits

Caitlin came to the studio for her senior portrait session...with an ominous weather forecast for the day. Our plan, assuming the weather held off? To finish off the session with a series of outdoor soccer portraits.

Thankfully, the weather turned out beautifully (isn’t it crazy how that always happens?)…. and Caitlin’s senior portraits were able to go as planned. Bonus? You’d never know it was terribly muggy and humid from the photos. Love that Michigan weather!

When we headed outside for the last part of Caitlin’s senior portrait session, she was really in her element. She plays soccer — and I hear she is an awesome goalie! Caitlin’s mom loved this portrait …and I think this one might be my favorite of the soccer senior portrait series too.

Location: Betsy's Photography, Dexter, MI.