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Family Portraits

Mother Daughter Moment. Studio Portrait

This portrait is simple and is timeless. I love creating portraits like these, but their significance isn’t really felt until decades later. Portraits like this mother-daughter one will become heirlooms, treasured family memories. Grandchildren, or great-grandchildren, will one day look at a portrait like this one and know that their ancestors loved one another. We won’t always be in the lives of our loved ones, but we can leave our legacy through portraits. You might ask, “Hang on, is this still a thing? Aren’t we in the digital era, and prints are the past?” Well, yes. But prints from the past are how we will share our loved ones with the next generation. That box of treasured family heirlooms. An old photo album. Of all the millions of photographs we take during our lifetime, how many will the next generations have access to? How many will their parents show them? Maybe it will be a handful, or maybe it will be a slideshow. But regardless, it will be a curated selection – the most-memory-packed portraits and photos for that parent. Images like this make it easier to carry on that legacy.

Location: Betsy's Photography, Dexter, MI.