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Family Portraits

Family Portrait with Dog

The SB family commissioned me to do an extended family portrait. Their flower gardens were in full bloom, and everyone, including Chili the dog, did a great job of sitting for this series of family pictures. It’s always lovely to do portraits like this, particularly when you can include three generations in the family picture.

When creating multigenerational family portraits, a subject that often comes up during the planning phase is mobility. It’s important to my clients, and to me, that we consider the mobility of everyone who will be photographed. My client’s property was lovely, with gardens that were obviously maintained lovingly. But most of the spots you might consider for photographs weren’t really an option for this grouping. We wanted to include the mothers in this portrait, so we settled on something a little more pragmatic. The front porch. I want to encourage you to consider something “ordinary” as an option. Just because it’s familiar to you, doesn’t mean it won’t make for a good photograph. This family portrait turned out beautifully, and I love the location. There is so much visual interest, with the lines of the bricks, the door, and the stairs. We even were able to include some potted plants in the portrait, as well as the family’s dog. Years down the road, this family portrait will be chock-full of meaning – in part, because it was taken on the front porch of my client’s home.

Location: Plymouth, MI.