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Professional Work Photo - Headshot Portrait

I created this headshot portrait for my client during her visit to the studio. We spent a couple minutes talking about her attire and what she wanted the headshot portrait to look like. We chose a background that complimented her attire for her professional work photo and did not distract from her face.

For this particular headshot portrait, we used an instant feedback method to make sure the headshot was exactly as my client desired. The image was approved via a TV screen connected to my camera, so we knew within ten clicks of my camera that we had the perfect professional work photo.

My client's total time at my studio? 15-20 minutes or less. I then retouched her headshot photo and delivered it to her digitally, in both color and black and white versions (I do this for your convenience, so you always know what your professional work photo will look like if you need it for a black and white publication).




To schedule a time to get your updated professional work photo, please contact the studio. Appointments can often be made within the week.

Location: Betsy's Photography, Dexter, MI.