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Painted Portrait of Brothers and Their dog

This painting is based on a portrait of my kids on a day when they helped me out with a photoshoot. I took some portraits of our dog, Apollo, using some equipment I’m testing out (I write articles and reviews for an industry magazine). The kids had fun, and the dog loved all his treats.

While creating this painted portrait, I changed the color of the kids' shirts and took other creative/artistic liberties to remove visual distractions. That's the thing I love about painting. If I can visualize it, I can transfer that concept from my mind to the canvas.

Side note: Every so often, my kids look up at me with those adorable puppy dog eyes and ask, “Mommy, can I be your assistant when your next client comes?” While I think that’s adorable, I have to say no, and promise they can help me another time (when my clients are not there). It’s cute. Just like when I loaned one of my old DSLR cameras to my oldest the other day for experimentation. He took some pictures, came back to me, and asked, “Mommy, am I a professional photographer?” Adorable, right? I smiled and answered, “do you want to be?”

Location: Betsy's Photography, Dexter, MI.