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Painted Portrait, Baby Girl.

I love this painting. It’s so simple in concept, and there is nothing in the painting to draw you away from the little girl’s gaze. I created this painted portrait based on a photograph that I captured during my client’s session here at the studio. It just seemed to say, “paint me!” And… that’s just what I did.

The final piece reminds me of a painting that my parents had hanging in my childhood home. They had commissioned an artist to do a portrait of yours truly, at three years old. Maybe it was from the art fair. I’m a bit fuzzy on the details (but I’m sure my mom will fill me in once I post this!). In the portrait, I wasn’t smiling, but rather a more serious expression graced my features. And that same seriousness permeates this portrait too. It’s reminiscent of the old masters, for me – when people had to sit for hours to have their portrait created. Having studied art history extensively, that’s just one of those things that sticks out to me.

Timeless, elegant, and engaging.

If you'd like to have me create a commissioned portrait or painting from a favorite photograph, please contact the studio today!

Location: Betsy's Photography, Dexter, MI.