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Motorcycle Racing Painting

It’s interesting to see how motion is captured — whether in a photograph, or through other media. I had fun creating this painting of a racing motorcycle (based on a photograph by Steve Sewell, used with permission from Pixabay). Brush strokes, whether “in real life” or digital, convey motion, impart a sense of speed. This “quick draw” painting was completed in about an hour, give or take. I had fun playing around with different brush strokes, but really wanted an abstract feel for the background on this one. The brush strokes lend a sense of motion, though they are a bit rough.

The thing about art is — you can spend hours on it. Tweaking brush strokes, overworking details, deciding you both love and hate the painting at the same time. Art is personal, involved. It’s not just an image, it’s about the emotion.

I could come back to this same motorcycle photograph tomorrow and end up with a completely different painting. It’s all about the feel you’re going for in an image, how rough you want it to be, how refined.

Art is fluid, everchanging.

Art is personal.

As an aside, if you want to commission a painting from one of your own snapshots, please contact me. I’d love to find out what styles of art interest you, the look you’re going for, and what excites you about your image.