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Baby's First Year | Girl

Capturing Silly Smiles

Capturing Silly Smiles

The Story Behind The Image

This sweet girl visited my studio a number of times as a baby, so by the time this session happened, she felt comfortable in the space and was familiar with me (as were the parents).

How Betsy Photographs Kids

At this more mobile stage of childhood, I tend to focus exclusively on what a particular kid needs, according to their energy level. Some kids need to be on the move, and others need goofy interaction....or maybe a mix of both! Working in plenty of breaks for snacks, outfit changes, etc, we try to keep the overall session short and sweet. Because happy kids mean happy adults! When working with kids, I have a plan in mind, but I know that reality will always deviate! The best thing to do, is to expect the unexpected....and when it happens, just roll with it 😀.

Kids are unpredictable, but when they're having fun, smiles are guaranteed!

How Betsy Captured This Moment

How did I get the shot? By being goofy, probably. Depending on each child, I may play peekaboo from behind my camera, or have the parent peek out from behind my softbox. Maybe I make silly faces or noises and encourage them to imitate me. This image resulted from one of those tactics, a kind of go with the flow improvisation that just comes naturally.

Want Betsy To Capture Your Kids' Smiles Too?

Many of our Dexter Ann Arbor clients are repeat customers. They've been to our Dexter portrait studio enough that their kids are familiar with the space. Their kids are comfortable being photographed by me because they know me (or, maybe they don't know me ...yet!).

If you'd like to learn more about planning a portrait session for your child here at Betsy's Photography, please get in touch! You can contact the studio or call 734-424-0472 to learn more about how I will capture your kids' smiles and silly antics during your photoshoot!

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