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Wind Ripples on Snow (Dexter, MI)

I love snow. Really. And here is one of my favorites — it’s a little on the abstract side, but I have always loved looking at the wind ripples on snow drifts. And, I was able to capture a section of our yard not tromped over by deer or turkeys!

Did you know that during cold weather, it’s important to let your camera adjust gradually from being outside when you come into the warmth? Otherwise condensation could form on the sensor, the electronic parts, the lens, etc. And that’s a bad thing. The easiest way to help your camera adjust to the drastic temperature change is to place it in a plastic bag and let it gradually warm up. I’ve also left mine in its camera case, as that will insulate it some and slow the warming up process enough that you should be able to avoid internal condensation from forming.

Location: Dexter, MI.