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Soda Butte Creek + Republic Mountain, Silver Gate, MT

This view of Republic Mountain and Soda Butte Creek was created while in Silver Gate, Montana. What a beautiful view.

I have many fond memories of this creek. Despite growing up in Michigan, I spent many summers in Montana with family, exploring the national parks via RV and on foot, or staying in a log cabin at Silver Gate. If I had to pick a state to call my second home, Montana would definitely be my choice.

It’s a unique experience, swimming in a creek that is fed from the mountains. The water is breathtakingly cold, but it is beautiful, crisp, and clear. If you wade in it for too long, your feet and ankles will turn tingly and red. Searching for the perfect skipping stone, or collecting flat stones to paint at the cabin – many options for activities in the great outdoors! And if you are brave, you find one of the deeper pools along the river and splash right in, let gravity take over, and sink underneath the surface completely for a few moments…. Brrrr! Cold, but wonderful. I loved tubing down the river and getting picked up at the end of our ride. This year, the kids got to share in that same experience, and they loved it!

Location: Silver Gate, MT.