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Geese in the Morning Mist

Mornings are always quiet, and on the lake, it seems even more tranquil. But, it's funny how even in the quiet and stillness, the sounds of nature are there. Geese honking, birds chirping, the world waking up. Even in the quiet, there is life.

I created this tranquil early morning photograph earlier this week. The ground was covered in frost, the sun hadn't risen yet, but day was beginning to make its presence know. After getting the kids breakfast, I left my family inside to start their morning inside our warm house, and made the walk out to the lake to get this (plus a few other) photographs. My first captures were calm and quiet, but as I heard the geese flying in overhead, I knew I would take just a few more. This one is one of my favorites from the morning.

As usual, I've adjusted the image minimally on my computer, only to bring out the colors that were already there as I stood outside taking things in.

The fog, or mist, as you might call it, was there. The geese and the swans were there too. And the delicate pastel colors sneaking over the horizon -- those were the beginnings of a brilliant pink sun rising for the day.

Prints are available, if you'd like to hang this on the wall of your home or office, just let me know :).

Location: Dexter, Michigan.