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Uphill Battle - Grasshopper (Scottsdale, AZ)

This is one of my award-winning photographs. Titled “Uphill Battle,” this photograph of a grasshopper was accepted into 2007 PPA International Print Exhibition.

The Making of “Uphill Battle”

This photograph looks like a well planned still life, but sometimes with a good eye, you can find nature photographs that have been arranged for you. Uphill Battle was one such fine art photograph.

My grandparents used to winter in Arizona. Shortly before my grandfather passed away, I travelled to Scottsdale to visit my grandfather while he was still in hospice care. Despite the somber nature of my visit, I took some time to enjoy the warmth, and distracted myself by seeking out things to photograph.

As dusk neared, this grasshopper was resting on one of the plants near my grandparents’ home. The background of this photograph, which I love the texture of, by the way, is simply the block fence in their backyard. Nothing spectacular, but with a creative eye and some on-the-fly planning, it serves as a vital element of the image.

“Uphill Battle” was given its name because sometimes life is tough. For people, for a grasshopper — it doesn’t matter. In this photograph, the grasshopper is hanging onto a plant, resting before he resumes his efforts to survive.

Life is a battle, and often it seems uphill. Often the challenges seem insurmountable.

I’ve been at points in my life where I feel like there is too much on my plate to handle. Fortunately, grace gives me the strength to carry on. Life’s obstacles are a given, we can’t escape the rough spots. But, we can count on them to test us, to challenge us, to make us grow.

  • “Fall down seven, get up eight,” – Japanese Proverb
  • “For though a righteous man falls seven times, he rises again.” – Proverbs 24:16

No matter what, keep trying. Never give up. Life is, more often than not, an uphill battle. And I’m so grateful to have wonderful people in my life to support me through the tough times. My husband. My parents and in-laws. My family. My friends. And last, but not least, my faith.

Everyone has their way of dealing with life’s uphill battles — and everyone who is determined to not give up will find themselves a stronger person for it.

Location: Scottsdale, AZ.