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Red Tailed Hawk in Flight

So, I'm a proponent of artistry over technology, but sometimes you just need a longer lens. Fortunately, I have a decent one (though not the longest lens made, by any means).

Backstory: I sent the kids outside to play this week, only to hear them screaming something unintelligible (that included the word "mom" -- I could at least make that one out, hah!). Well, turns out the kids thought they saw the osprey -- fooled me too, actually (this is a red tailed hawk).

I've loved watching the osprey visit our neighborhood, so this time around, I decided to grab my camera and a long lens to see what I could manage to capture. Unfortunately, I ended up photographing a red tailed hawk, not an osprey, so that photo will have to wait for another day. But, regardless, it's still a cool capture.

Apparently we were either boring or annoying, because after he flew over our house, he went back over the lake and didn't return this close again. More important things to do.

Oh, and proud mom moment -- these kiddos remembered the osprey have white underbellies, so that's why they were so excited. So cool to be raising kids who love nature <3

EDITED TO ADD: After closer inspection, we've decided I was overly anticipatory in my "osprey" sighting. I agree with several fellow-birdwatchers' comments that this is a red tailed hawk rather than an osprey. The markings, wing/body shape, etc, all are a bit off. Will post whenever the osprey actually do show up. We have a couple that nest every year.