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Praying Mantis (Insect Macro Photo)

My kids love bugs. So, it goes without saying that I sometimes create portraits of them. This praying mantis was a temporary guest at our home. After the photoshoot, it was set free without incident. The praying mantis liked the Jerusalem artichoke we set her on.

As I mentioned, someone was REALLY excited to have these bugs around. He talked about praying mantises all week. Particularly since the praying mantis had just eaten a humongous bumble bee before entering captivity.

“Bug Hunting" Tip

If you are going to capture “bugs” to photograph, make sure to give them leaves and such so they are comfortable while in captivity…and then release them when you’re done. Insects are great creatures for kids to observe and watch, and how you treat the insects will probably be how your kids do as well.

Happy bug hunting!