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Christmas Trees on a Snowy Night, Painting

This piece of art was based on a photograph I took many years ago on a cold snowy night in 2005. It was one of those heavy winter snows, where the branches are piled high with white. Christmas lights peeped out through the branches of these trees, illuminating both the snow-covered branches and the snowy ground below. I love how the the trees in the background faintly emerge from the blue nightscape.

Merry Christmas to you and yours! (and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then have a wonderful relaxing day!) We’ll be spending the morning together as a family before we gather with extended family for more festivities. The kids are always excited to check and see whether Santa ate the cookies and if the reindeer munched on the carrots. Plus, they look to see if their old toys were indeed picked up by Santa (we leave out toys on Christmas Eve – these are toys the kids have chosen to give to Santa so he can pass them on to other kids).

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan.