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  5. Vintage Hollywood Glamour
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  16. Timeless Senior Picture in Black + White
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  25. Fall Colors at Island Park
  26. Ann Arbor Senior Portrait :: Kerrytown + Nichols Arb
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  28. Portrait Photos With Natural Retouching
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  31. Senior Portrait at Lake :: Michigan
  32. Edgy Senior Picture With Rainbow Hairstyle
  33. Dexter High School Senior Portrait
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  36. Saline High School Senior
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  39. Senior Portrait at Nickel's Arcade
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  43. Ann Arbor Senior Pictures in Nature
  44. Senior Portraits at Gallup Park (Ann Arbor, MI)
  45. Senior Pictures With Horses (Saline, MI)
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  47. Outdoor Soccer Senior Portraits
  48. Skyline High School - Ann Arbor Senior Photos
  49. Senior Portrait on Location at Burns Park
  50. Senior Portraits With Fall Colors (Nichols Arboretum)
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  56. Unique Senior Pictures in Downtown Ann Arbor
  57. Senior Picture With Musical Instruments
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  59. Dexter Senior Portrait With Car
  60. Ann Arbor Headshot Portrait Testimonial
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  63. Senior Picture at Pioneer High School
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  66. Indoor + Outdoor Senior Photos in Dexter
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  68. Senior Portrait at Cobblestone Farm, Ann Arbor
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  71. Senior Portrait at Ypsilanti's Depot Town
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  74. Black + White Senior Picture in the Studio
  75. Simple Senior Picture (Huron High School)
  76. Senior Portrait in a Grassy Field (Nature Preserve)
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  78. Senior Portraits at Mill Creek Park in Dexter
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  81. Ann Arbor High School Senior Portrait
  82. Senior Portrait of Twin Boys
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  87. Dexter High School Senior Portrait Testimonial
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Dexter + Ann Arbor Senior Portrait Photographer

Plan Ahead!

While senior portrait yearbook deadlines are often in the fall, we recommend you plan ahead. Most of our clients call before the end of May to schedule their senior portrait session. Weekends and evenings are available on a limited basis, and tend to book up quickly. So please get in touch soon, and we can help you get the ball rolling!

Studio Senior Portraits or Location Senior Portraits?

Our studio features a number of formal backdrops, simple props, and is a great option for more traditional family portraits. You can also check out our location suggestions lists for various parks in the area:

Want to Personalize Your Senior Portraits?

We often get requests for ideas or tips on how to make your senior portrait session personalized. To that end, we've developed a set of questions for you to consider -- so that YOU can discover what things we should incorporate into your senior portrait session.

Featured Senior Portrait Session

Sometimes it can be hard to tell from a photographer's portfolio what an entire portrait session will look like. Well, never fear! Here is a video slideshow featuring over two dozen portrait from a single senior portrait session. Your session experience will be tailored to fit your vision, style, and interests, just like this Saline High School senior, who played varsity golf for Saline High School (video below):

Book Your Senior Portraits

Contact the studio to schedule your senior portrait session, or set up a consultation to learn more about how we do things at Betsy's Photography!