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Dexter + Ann Arbor Paintings + Painted Portraits

We create heirloom quality painted portraits from your treasured family photo snapshots.

Sometimes a snapshot, blurry or faded, is our favorite reminder of a loved one. What if you could turn that snapshot into something more? What if you could display a rendition of it on your wall -- not just as a cherished snapshot -- but as an heirloom work of art?

That's what I do. Using a combination of traditional training in the arts and modern digital techniques, I create a one-of-a-kind work of art from your treasured snapshot.

View some "before + after" examples of painted portraits alongside the original photo snapshot. If you'd like to commission me to do a painted portrait from one of your photos, please contact the studio!

Old Photo Restoration Painting
Morning in the City (Atlanta)
Painted Family Portrait at Dexter Home
Painting of Horse + Rider
Painted Portrait of Girl with Dog
Painted Portrait of a Father + Daughter
Painted Portrait of Brothers and Their dog
Motorcycle Racing Painting
Painting of Girl with Flowers

Painted Portrait "Before + After" Views

Below you'll find example paintings I created for clients, as well as the original snapshot which was the inspiration behind the final painting.

For more information about commissioning me to create a painted portrait for you, please contact the studio.