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Dexter + Ann Arbor Paintings + Painted Portraits

We create heirloom quality painted portraits from your treasured family photo snapshots.

Sometimes a snapshot, blurry or faded, is our favorite reminder of a loved one. What if you could turn that snapshot into something more? What if you could display a rendition of it on your wall -- not just as a cherished snapshot -- but as an heirloom work of art?

That's what I do. Using a combination of traditional training in the arts and modern digital techniques, I create a one-of-a-kind work of art from your treasured snapshot.

View some "before + after" examples of painted portraits alongside the original photo snapshot. If you'd like to commission me to do a painted portrait from one of your photos, please contact the studio!

Old Photo Restoration Painting
Morning in the City (Atlanta)
Little Amelia Earhart. Painted Portrait
Painted Family Portrait at Dexter Home
Painting of Horse + Rider
Painted Portrait of Girl with Dog
Painting of Kids (created from a photo)
Painted Portrait of a Father + Daughter
Painted Portrait of Brothers and Their dog
Motorcycle Racing Painting
Painting of Girl with Flowers

Painted Portrait "Before + After" Views

Below you'll find example paintings I created for clients, as well as the original snapshot which was the inspiration behind the final painting.

For more information about commissioning me to create a painted portrait for you, please contact the studio.