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Saline Location Tips

Portrait Photography Location Recommendations: Saline, MI

Brecon Park

N. Harris St + Nichols Dr, Saline, MI

Brecon Park is a six acre park with several play structures, a baseball diamond, and a walking path connecting it to nearby neighborhoods. The park is mostly open grass, with wooded areas bordering the south and east sides.

Canterbury Park

Willis Rd, Saline, MI

Canterbury Park is a four acre park with a number of play structures and an open grassy area. Mature trees border the edges of the park.

Curtiss Park

W. Michigan Ave + Monroe St, Saline, MI

Curtiss Park in Saline, MI is a 50 acres, and a great location for any type of portrait session. You have two options for water portraits -- Mill Pond (to the north, which is technically part of Mill Pond Park), and the Saline River (which winds through Curtiss Park).

There are wooded trails (including the mile long Max Adler Trail at the back of the park), walking paths, an observation deck over the river, play structures for children, and a pavilion. Portable restrooms are on site.

Colony Park

Colony Dr, Saline, MI

Colony Park in Saline, MI is a six acre park with playgrounds, open grassy areas, and a three and a half acre natural area with informal footpaths.

Depot Museum + Trail

Ann Arbor St, Saline, MI

The Saline Depot Museum features a red caboose and the railroad depot station. It's a great spot for clients wanting to incorporate railroad elements into their session.

The quarter mile Depot Trail was cleared in 2006 along a section of abandoned railroad track. If you want portraits on railroad tracks, this would be a safe option as the railroad tracks are not in service Note: it's actually trespassing (aka illegal) to walk along functioning railroad tracks -- due to the danger involved.

Leslee Niethammer Saline River Preserve

Maple Rd, Saline, MI

The Leslee Niethammer Saline River Preserve is a little over 17 acres of natural area. It includes several trails:

  • Iris Detter Trail
  • Bur Oak Trail
  • Charlie Burg River Trail (leads to Saline River)

Between the parking lot and the preserve is a large hill. There are no sidewalks, and clients with limited mobility will find other locations a more practical choice.

Marpool Park

Marpool Dr, Saline, MI

Marpool Park is a very small park (less than half an acre in size). It has a playground, several benches, and may be appropriate for a casual session for clients who want to minimize walking.

Marsh View Meadows

Textile Rd, Saline, MI

Marsh View Meadows has several playgrounds, but also more natural wooded areas. There are trails through the woods, and a boardwalk platform overlooking Button Bush Swamp. There is also a pavilion and there are restrooms on site.

Mill Pond Park

Bennett St, Saline, MI

Mill Pond Park is 54 acres in size. It has a nice wooded area at its north end, along with a little wading creek for families with smaller children. From there, it runs south along the eastern side of Mill Pond. There is a large wooden playground, a large boulder (that is sometimes painted), and a fenced in dog park. Mostly grassy, Mill Pond Park does have some trees along the edges.

Peoples' Park

W. Monroe St, Saline, MI

Peoples' Park is 10 acres in size, and has a parking lot, as well as pedestrian paths to access from various streets. There is a baseball diamond, nature trails, and open grassy areas.

Ridson Park

Pleasant Ridge Dr, Saline, MI

Ridson Park is another very small park (less than half an acre in size). It is nestled in among houses. The park features an open grassy area, benches, and perimeter line of plants (ornamental grass, boxwood, lilcac). Every so often I have a client looking for family portraits by lilac plants, so this would be a great option if you love lilacs and want to plan for when they are in bloom.

Stonecliff Park

Saline River Dr, Saline, MI

Stonecliff Park is a four acre park without dedicated parking. It has an open grassy area, and a short trail that goes to the edge of the Saline River. From there, you can see across the river to Mill Pond Park.

Tefft Park

Woodland Dr East, Saline, MI

Tefft Park is 40 acres in size. A number of those acres have been developed as sports fields and facilities. There are walking trails, including a dirt trail and a paved fitness trail.

Wilderness Park

Willis Rd, Saline, MI

Wilderness Park is 22 acres, with a grassy open area, an extensive system of shaded trails through the woods, and a pond with sitting area (walking required). One neat feature? A tree from every state has been planted here!

The City of Saline's website has information about many of the various parks mentioned on this page.