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Winter Snowstorm (Dexter, MI)

I love winter. …the cold, crisp, air… the snow… the whole thing. It's always exciting for me to awaken to a winter wonderland. If my kids aren't up yet, I can sometimes sneak out for a brief walk through our woods on my own (my sweet husband saw the eager look in my eyes and said “go.”).

I love the predawn quiet and stillness. I got to see a deer, and tracks from several animals who’ve been using the path I made in our woods this summer.

But best of all, I got to see the sun rise and kiss the treetops with warmth and light.

I always love to look at how the snow coats one side of a tree during winter storms. Snow is gorgeous. As my son observed one day, it is “all sparkly.” The snow shimmers, reflects light, casts a whole new wonder about the world. It makes the ordinary and the mundane seem surreal and magical. It makes us take a pause from our daily routine to admire the wonders of creation around us.

Location: Dexter, MI.