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About Betsy Finn + Betsy's Photography

Meet Betsy Finn

Betsy Finn is a Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman. She has been creating portraits since 2005, when she opened her studio, Betsy's Photography. Learn more about Betsy!

See the Studio

Here at Betsy's Photography, we have a professionally equipped camera room with the ability to create traditional and modern portraits in studio. We also love to work on location. Learn more about the studio.

Awards + Recognition

Over the years, Betsy has earned numerous awards and recognition, both locally and internationally. Learn more about these honors.

Giving Back

We believe in paying it forward, in spreading kindness, and in making the world a better place. Learn about some of the ways we give back to the community.


We could talk until we're blue in the face about our values and how we work, but it's really best to hear it straight from our clients. Read testimonials from our clients.


Have a question? Here are some of the ones that people frequently ask us. You'll also find information about our satisfaction guarantee. Read our FAQ.